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The Solution
The Solution is straightforward. We need to build healthy, high-performance schools. We cannot go on asking our children to learn respect if every day we show them the greatest disrespect by sending them to schools that are at best, uninspiring and at worst, toxic.

The data is in; 17 separate studies linked significant health benefits directly to improved indoor air quality, and the benefits don't end there. Research shows that students in healthy schools progress 26 percent faster in reading and 20 percent faster in math.

Green schools do not only improve health and education, they also offer environmental and financial advantages. The long-term financial savings projected as a result of investing in a Green school are estimated to be 20 times the initial cost of going green, while simultaneously using 33 percent less energy and 30 percent less water.

Why Green Schools?

Healthier Students
5% increase in attendance
9% decrease in asthma-related absences

Improved Learning
26% faster progression in math
20% faster progression in reading

Cost Savings
33% reduction in energy use
30% reduction in water use

SOURCES:  Greening America’s Schools Report (2008), The American Federation of Teachers (2008), National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (2007).

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